Do you have a recurring issue

that keeps coming up?

Do you have a situation in your life that, no matter how much time you’ve been devoting to your personal development, the situation is still there? Do you have a recurring issue that keeps coming up – like dating the same type of person or being the one that everyone runs to (or away from) when there’s trouble? Do you want to know what that hidden thing is about you that everyone else seems to see?

My name is Cathy Akins and you can get this type of information through a personal reading and intuitive coaching with me. One type of reading that I offer is called a Heart Chakra reading – in which the heart chakra is read for character strengths and energy blockages. This type of reading can uncover childhood incidents that carry over into your adult present, current issues/lessons in your day-to-day life, hidden thought patterns and belief systems running your life that you may not be aware of and how to express your true and authentic self to lead a fully satisfying life. The heart chakra is the integration point for the seven chakras of the body, the point at which the worlds of mind and matter meet within you.

Or you can come play The Transformation Game® with me! The Transformation Game® is a day-long workshop in experiencing and working with your guides to bring to light and resolve issues in your life. It takes place in the form of a fun board game involving music, guided meditations and sharing with two to four players. It’s an excellent way to clarify important issues in your life, to resolve conflicts and to creatively enhance your relationships, and make new friends, all in a safe, comfortable environment with genuinely loving interaction.


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